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Too Much Love, Not Enough Time Part. 8

Miguel wonders about Yolanda’s resistance to alcohol. “I had an older brother. He was the life of the party and when I was 18, he gave me something to drink. I didn’t know that it was alcohol. I felt loose. We played games and stuff. Then late at night. I blacked out. When I woke up the next day, I noticed blood on the basement staircase. I went downstairs and found my older brother laying in a pool of blood. I called the ambulance and they rushed him to the hospital. They pronounced him dead. The autopsy report ruled it as suicide. I told myself ‘if only you didn’t have that drink, you could have saved him’.” Yolanda said opening up about her dark past. “I see.” Miguel said, “I’m sorry for your loss and I’m sorry for pressuring you to drink.” Miguel faces deep emotions about the story. “It’s okay. You didn’t know.” she said. “But still.” Miguel said. “Don’t worry about it. You can’t blame yourself for not knowing.” she said.

“I guess so.” he said softly. After the movies, Diana wanted a sleepover. “Come on guys. Let’s sleepover.” Diana said. “I have work tomorrow and so do you, Diana.” Yolanda said. “Please?” Diana said. “No Diana. I don’t even have clothes.” Yolanda said. Miguel gets ready to go. “Yolanda is right. We should get going.” Miguel said putting on his pair of shoes. “I’m sleeping over.” Antonio said. “I got to get home.” Miguel said. “I can… drive you home…” Yolanda said shyly. Miguel was shocked by what she said. “I’ll take you up on that.” Miguel said with a smile. Yolanda gets ready at the front door. Let’s go, Miguel. “Okay.” he said. They get in Yolanda’s car. He puts on his seatbelt as Yolanda turns her car on. She puts on her seatbelt. She puts the car in reverse to get out of Diana’s driveway. Once she was out of the driveway, she puts her car in drive and drives off. They talk as Miguel gives her directions to his place.

She stops in front of a fancy apartment complex. “Wow.” she said quietly. (So he makes a lot of money. All from bartending?) she thinks. “Well, I will see you later, Yolanda. I have to get up early.” he said. “Okay, same here.” she said. He gets out of the car and then he walks in the lobby. Yolanda drives off. Miguel goes to his apartment. He looks at the clock. “Okay. I have to get ready for bed. The restaurant may need to go in a new direction. So that means that I need to stay away from bartending for a while. I am the restaurant owner. I need to start acting like it. It’s all my Nana’s legacy.” he said out loud to himself.  (I got to conspire a new marketing strategy.) he thinks. He takes a shower and goes to bed.




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Rules Don’t Apply: Valentine’s Day Special

In Malibu, California…

Ta-un’s alarm clock rings big time. He throws the alarm clean across the room. He tries to go to sleep. Suddenly, hears a knock of the door. “What?” he said tiredly. “Breakfast is done.” Ami said. he looks at her with his hair super messy. She laughs at him and smiles. “What?” he said still sleepy. “Your hair is a complete mess.” she said. He knew that she was right. He cuts on the T.V. He sees local news talk about Valentine’s Day. “Valentine’s Day?’ he says in surprise. “Really?” Ami said. “We should do something.” he said. “Like what? You’re not supposed to do anything until White Day.” Ami said. “No… It doesn’t work like that in America. It’s all about…” he said in Japanese. “Here and Now.” he continues in English.

“What?” she said. “It’s been two years since we’ve been in America. You still haven’t been able to work on your English?” he asks kindly. “Shut up Ta-un! You said that I didn’t have to learn!” she said. “Yeah, I did but you got to be able to learn it at some point.” he said. She rolls her eyes at him. He lights lightly. “Are you laughing?” she yells. “No.” he said, “Definitely not.” She storms out. He eats his breakfast and gets ready for the day ahead. He makes coffee. He orders a special something for Ami. He made the time of the gift very late. “Come on Ami. I got something planned.” he said. They get ready to leave. They go out to eat. He takes her to Disney Land. and chilled at the house. Ami was so tired. “Anything else that you want?” he said. “No.” she said thinking that she would burden him more if she asked. “Oh…” she said remembering.

“I would like to go to the grocery store.” she said. “Okay.” he said. He takes her to the grocery store. She struggles to read the labels. So she asked Ta-un. “What’s this?” she asks. “Baking mix.” he said. “The ones in Japan are quite colorful than these.” she said. Ta-un was getting irritated by the labels. (I have to break the word down to Japanese. Nevermind that I have to convert the word to Korean first!) he thinks in dilemma. After the grocery store, she begins to make chocolate brownies. After that, she gives him a brownie. “Ami’s sweet chocolates.” he said happily in Japanese. They eat brownies. As Ami, was getting ready for bed, the order came. Ta-un takes gifts. “Thank you.” he said in English. He looks for Ami. He finds her in bed.

“Surprise. Happy Valentines Day!” he said happily. She is overwhelmed by the gift of roses, balloons, and an overstuffed teddy bear. She runs to hug him. Thank you!” she said in tears. “I love you, Ami! Now that the kids are grown, let’s travel the world. Just you and me.” he said. “I would love that.” she said. Ta-un and Ami watched a movie and smile at each other. The night was sweet and tender.

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Too Much Love, Not Enough Time Part. 7

Diana and Antonio were shocked nu what they saw. “You two know each other?” Diana and Antonio ask. “Yeah.” Miguel said. Yolanda feels slightly embarrassed. Diana looks at Yolanda’s flushed face. “Well, Yolanda?” Diana said with a slight tease. “Is this the man I heard so much about?” Diana asks. Yolanda covers her face and nods her head “yes”. Miguel looks at Yolanda’s embarrassment. (This is quite cute.) he thinks. “Well, nice to meet you.” Diana said, “I’m Diana. Yolanda’s friend and co-worker. I am also Antonio’s girlfriend. “Pleased to meet you. I’m Miguel. I’m a bartender at Yolanda’s favorite restaurant.” Miguel said politely. Diana is captivated by Miguel’s voice. (Wow, he sounds like he can be a voice actor or something.) she thinks.

He smiles at them to calm his nervousness. “Well, let’s party.” Antonio said. “What kind of games do you have there?” Miguel asks. “Just some Call of Duty.” he said. “Is there anything competitive?” both Miguel and Yolanda ask. They look at each other. Yolanda quickly looks away and Miguel laughs at her embarrassment. “Like what?” Antonio said. “I don’t know maybe fighting games.” Yolanda said sarcastically. “No. Just Call of Duty.” Antonio said. “Well… I figured you would just bring that so I brought some fighting games over.” Miguel said. “You did?” Yolanda said. “Yes, I did.” Miguel responded, “Care to play me in Street Fighter?” “Do you have all of the downloadable content?” Yolanda asks. “Yep. It has everything.” Miguel said. “Well, let’s play!” Yolanda said excitedly.

They crowd around the Playstation. Miguel finds the game and puts it into the gaming system. Miguel hands Yolanda the controller. “Are you ready to face me?” Yolanda asks. “The real question is: Are you?” Miguel asks. Yolanda takes it as a threat. “Oh okay.” she said. Miguel laughs. They skip the intro and go straight to character select. They selected their characters and ended up playing. Yolanda wins a couple of matches. (I’m going to embarrass this guy.) she thinks. (She’s pretty good. However, she doesn’t possess the skills to defeat me.) Miguel thinks. Miguel begins to go on a winning streak. “What the hell?” Yolanda said getting angry. “It’s okay to take a breather.” Miguel teased. “No!” Yolanda said now angry.

“I’ll show you.” she said. They play a couple more matches. (She’s an emotional fighter. She plays better when she’s mad. This is so cute.) he thinks, (Still can’t beat me though.) After playing, they watched movies and have some wine. “Do you drink, Yolanda?” Miguel asks when he saw her with water. “No.” Yolanda said, “I haven’t had a drink since 2005.” Diana notices Yolanda opening up. (Could he be the one?) she thinks.


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Too Much Love, Not Enough Time Part. 6

The Next Day,,,

Yolanda makes copies at the workspace. Diana pretends to make copies so she could talk to Yolanda.  “How about March 5th?” Diana asks.p “That’s not good, Diana. Make it for March 7th.” Yolanda said. “Why postpone it?” Diana said. “Diana, you can’t make it for March 5th. That’s a workday.” Yolanda said. Diana pushes her glasses closer to her face and thinks about it. “Okay, fine. March 7th it is.” Diana said. “Good.” Yolanda said. “What happened to the copies that Jose asked for an hour ago.” the voice said angrily. “I’m making them now, Diego.” Yolanda said. “Well, hurry up. He has a meeting in half an hour.” Diego said. Yolanda hurries to make the copies. Once she is done making the copies, she organizes them and brings them to Diego. “About time.” Diego said.

He grabs the file and turns it into Jose. (I just can’t stand Diego.) she thinks as rage pulses through her veins. She returns to her desk. She updates the notes of businesses relying on Jose’s business services. After updating the files, it was time to go home. “Hey, why don’t you come over?” Diana said. “Sure.” Yolanda said, “Is Antonio going to be there?” “Yeah.” Diana said, “He said he is going to bring a friend over. He’s going to have us play games.” “Board games?” Yolanda said. “No Yolanda, video games.” Diana said. “What system?” she said. “PS4.” Diana said. Yolanda thinks about it. (I hope he brings fighting games.) she thinks. “I’m sold.” Yolanda said. “Okay, cool!” Diana said. “What time you are going to have the get-together?” Yolanda said.

“I’m going to have it around 6:30 pm.” Diana said. “Okay, see ya then.” Yolanda said. She gets in her car and drives home. She warms up some leftover fajitas and eats her dinner. She then looks for an outfit to wear. She finds a shirt and some pants and then goes to take a shower. After that, she puts on her clothes and looks at the clock. “Already 5:30.” she said shocked by the time. She gets ready to go. It takes her 30 minutes to get to Diana’s house. She makes it to Diana’s house. She parks her car, turns it off and goes to Diana’s front door. She rings the doorbell. Diana goes to her door. She opens it. She hugs Yolanda once she sees her at the door. “Seems like we can get started.” Diana said, “Antonio and his friend are already here.” Yolanda comes in and then they go to the living room, once Diana shuts the door. Yolanda was shocked and so was Antonio’s friend. “Miguel?” Yolanda said in shock. “Yolanda!” Miguel yells in excitement. The day turns interesting.

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ReVamped Comic Idea: Bo-Taun: Protector Of The Galaxy

I wrote this one-shot manga when I was out of college. I was fresh out of college. Now I’m ready to restart it. I wanted to finish what I have but it’s in storage. So now I have to re-write it. I’m fine with that because I get to add more creative ideas that I didn’t ad before and Bo-Taun looks a lot different in my mind that what I had originally thought. I have to dig my sketchbook out and all of that jazz. I can’t wait to start on it but I have so much that I need to write already. I’m trying not to write too much. I don’t have my twitch account ready because I’m going to use my twitch account to document my journey and hopefully build a community along the way. One-shots are always good to do when you are just starting out. I just can’t wait. Tuesday, I go to the storage unit and get my sketchbook out of there. Then I can create!



Commitment to Story Project! SIX MONTHS MAX!

I decided to be completely done with the story project within June or July. I’m going to commit at least 6 months to it. I had a mini relapse because I was taken in a lot of stuff and it was hard. So now that I am back aligned with what I’m doing, I’m going to start working towards my goals and dreams. I have a story that I have to revamp. It’s going to be awesome of course. I believe that my hard work is going to pay off. I also revamped my twitch account. So I will be doing more on Twitch than Youtube. I hope all is well with you guys and I will talk to you soon. Bye.



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S.M.R. News: No Short Story This Week

Hey Guys,

There will not be a short story this week. I’m trying to collect my thoughts for the series ahead and I feel very tired. Sorry guys. I had an internship that went horribly wrong. I was getting all kinds of bad vibes about it and it made my heart do all kinds of somersaults. I wasn’t at home with what I was doing and I decided to quit and focus on myself on what I want to do. So Yeah. Anyway, I hope all is well with you guys, and hopefully, I will see you guys next week.

See Ya Soon!



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Too Much Love, Not Enough Time Part. 5

“I got to meet him.” Diana said, “And I’ll bring Antonio. Hey, maybe, we can schedule a double date.” Yolanda looks at her and was conservative about her feelings towards her newfound crush. “I don’t know Diana. I don’t want to be carried away by any of this.” Yolanda said. “I think this is a great opportunity to get to know this guy.” “Maybe, he was just being nice. I highly doubt that he only talked to me because he liked me.” Yolanda said. “You don’t know that.” Diana said. “Yes, I do.” Yolanda mumbles sarcastically. “Come on, Yolanda.” Diana said, “Get his number and find out when he is available and tell me so I can set up a date.”

“I don’t want to waste my time if he doesn’t want to be bothered.” Yolanda said. “I’m sure he does.” Diana said. Yolanda thinks about it. (I can’t believe that I am doing this.) she thinks. “Okay… I’ll try to get his number.” Yolanda said red as a beet. Diana teased her about it. After work, Yolanda drives to San Juan to the restaurant in hopes of finding Miguel again. She looks everywhere but didn’t see him. (Where could he be?) she thinks. Suddenly, like magic, he appears at the bartending table. Yolanda comes up to him. “Miguel?” she asks. Miguel looks at her. He smiles once he sees her. “Oh Yolanda, how are you?” Miguel asks. “I’m fine.” she said. “What can I do for you?” he said making drinks for customers. “Well, I was wondering if it is alright to get our number?” Yolanda said blushing.

“One second…” Miguel said whipping up the last Margarita for a woman. He comes to her. “You want my number? he asks. “Yeah.” she said. “Okay. How about we exchange numbers?” he asks. Yolanda’s face is flushed red. “O-Okay…” she said trying to compose herself. He smiles at her clumsiness. They exchange numbers. “Would you like to get a drink?” he said. “No. I have to drive.” she said. “Okay. he said. (That’s the second time she shot me down. Maybe she’s not a drinker.) he thinks. Yolanda leaves the restaurant and drives home. Once she is home, she turns off her car and gets out. She, then, goes inside her house. She smiles at her accomplishment. Her victory was ruined when she heard her stomach growl. (I should have gotten something at the restaurant.) she thinks.

*I so wasn’t thinking.*

(Well, I’ll just cook some fajitas.) she thinks. She cooks the fajitas. At the end of the day, she calls Diana. [“So how did it go?” she asks. “I got his number.” Yolanda said. Diana yells “Yes!” in excitement. “Let’s focus on a date.” she said. “Okay.” Yolanda said.] they begin to plot and plan for the date ahead.



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Too Much Love, Not Enough Time Part. 4

Yolanda thinks about Miguel. After her dinner, she paid for it and had driven home. She lays out her new outfit and takes a shower. “Hey, Alexa! Play Reggaeton!” she said. Alexa plays her favorite tunes. (Hmm, should I tell Diana what happened? Or keep it a secret?) she thinks. She begins to think. (I guess I’ll tell Diana at work tomorrow.) she continues to think to herself. She goes through her nightly routine. After that, she goes to sleep.

Early The Next Morning…

Yolanda returns to work. “What happened to you?” Diana said. “Oh, I took a day off.” “To sulk about Jose.” Diana responds. “I was sulking but some guy made me feel better.” she said. “Who is that?” Diana asks. “I’ll tell you at brunch.” she said. Yolanda goes to do her job. She sets appointments and does reports. (“I didn’t think there as so much work to do. I mean I just took a day off to collect my thoughts.”) Yolanda thinks out loud, complaining to herself. “You don’t have maids, Yolanda.” a girl said. Yolanda ignores her and tries to act professionally. She goes through half of her work. (Just have to catch up with the other half. I’ll do that after brunch.) she thinks.

It was time for brunch. Yolanda meets Diana at their favorite cafe, just minutes from their workspace. “So Yolanda, would you mind telling me what happened between you and the day you took off?” Diana asks. “Well…” she said eating her breakfast sandwich. She chews and swallows it. Diana is dying of suspense as she watches her friend eat her breakfast sandwich. After Yolanda eats a bite of her breakfast sandwich, she pauses to see if Diana was listening. She notices Diana’s undivided attention. “So, I went to my favorite restaurant in San Juan, and I was greeted by a bartender.” Yolanda said.

Diana’s eyes light up. “What happened next?” Diana asks. “Well, his manager told him he could go and he sat next to me.” Yolanda continues. “Wow, it sounds like he likes you.” Diana said, “Did you guys talk?” “Yeah, we did.” Yolanda said. “What did you find out?” Diana asks. “Well, he is originally from Colombia.” Yolanda said. “Yolanda! He’s from another country?” she said. “Yes! He said ‘he moved here because he had nothing better else to do.'” Yolanda said repeating Miguel’s quote. “What does he look like?” Diana said. “Well, he is tan with hazel eyes and medium-dark curly hair.” Yolanda said reliving the memory. She begins to blush. “Oh my God, Yolanda, you like him. too!” Diana said. Yolanda was shocked by what she said. (Really?) she thinks.

*Could there be anyone else other than Jose?*

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Too Much Love, Not Enough Time Part. 3

Yolanda arrives in the city of San Juan. The city was so inviting and extremely popular with tourists. Yolanda goes to her favorite store. She goes to the dresses and pantsuits out there. She sees a really cute one. “Wow, this is cute!” she said in excitement. (I must try it on.) she thinks. she goes to the fitting room and tries on her dress suit. She comes out. She is surprised by how stunning she looked. (I really like it.) she thinks. (I wonder will Jose like it too?) Suddenly, she thinks of Jose kissing Gabriella. (That’s right… He has a girlfriend now.) she thinks. She goes inside her fitting room and changes back to her regular clothes. She thinks about Jose.

*Jose, why did you do this to me? Did you even notice me? Even just a little?*

Then she thinks about herself.

*I’m going to focus on me. So this outfit I am buying is going to be for me.*

She buys the outfit. She goes to other stores and buys things. She was on cloud nine. She experienced happiness for a little while. She goes to her car. She hears her phone ring and it was Diana. (Now is not a good time.) she thinks. Suddenly, she hears her stomach roar. She is slightly embarrassed. (“I guess I should get something to eat.”) she thinks out loud to herself. She goes to her favorite restaurant in San Juan. She orders her food and drink. “Would you like a margarita?” the bartender said. “No, thank you.” Yolanda said, “I have to drive home.”

She waits on her food. “Alright, Miguel! You can go.” his manager said. “Okay.” he said. He clocks out and then goes to Yolanda. “Is this seat taken?” he asks. Yolanda looks at him. His hazel eyes stare at her. She begins to notice his features. His chiseled look and tan skin caught her attention. His medium-dark curly hair also caught her attention. She begins to blush. (This man is handsome.) she thinks. “No… It’s not.” she said. He sits down next to her. “So what brings you here?” he asks. “Well, this is my favorite restaurant.” she said, “And I wanted to have a good time.” “I see.” he said. “What about you?” she asks. “Well, I work here.” he said. “Where are you from?” she asks. “I’m originally from Colombia.” he said, “Moved to Puerto Rico because I had nothing better else to do.” She was captivated by his voice. (His voice is so deep and hypnotic.) she thinks.

*It sounds like he can be a voice actor or something.* “Are you okay miss?” he said. She noticed that she was daydreaming. “I’m sorry.” she said. He laughs gently. “It’s okay.” he said smoothly. “What is your name?” she asks. “My name is Miguel.” he said. “Yours?” he said in curiosity. “My name is Yolanda.” she said. “Well Yolanda, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” he said. Suddenly her meal came. “I will let you eat your food and hopefully we will see each other again.” he said. He leaves her by herself. Yolanda eats her food and thinks about Miguel and his presence.