Hey Guys: I am generating ideas for my publishing company and I would love your input!

Hi everyone,

I am working on generating some ideas for my publishing company. If you guys could kindly give feedback on this survey. It would be a great help. I would like to know where everyone’s head is at so please provide feedback below and I will implement it in my business. Thanks.

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Minor Announcement!

I am taking a digital marketing class. I wanted to develop some skills that would help me in the long run. So I am learning from boot camps, YouTube, and other sources of learning information. I have to make money while I build my empire. I won’t forget this site. I have stories coming up. (I know you guys are excited to finish White Waters and Red Wind Anthology. I’m excited about it too. I do think I dragged it out a little two long.)

You guys have spoken on the podcast. I won’t make any stories on there but I will try re-branding it as more of an inspirational podcast or something. Something that adds value. I’ll think of something. I may have to slowdown a little bit because I am going a bit too fast. I have this site, my other site, and a marketing class. My novel that I put on hold because of my marketing class. I will sort it all out. It’s fun because I can use my time for something more productive than to sit there and stare at Facebook and Instagram for hours.

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Yep, I’m exposing myself. Take care guys.

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R.Canary News: Does anyone want me to continue my podcast?

I have been wondering should I post on my podcast again? I’m not sure if I should. I wanted to know if you guys wanted me to continue my podcast? If so, what kind of stories should I write? Action? Comedy? Romance? Fantasy? What kind of stories do you want me to write? I hardly get any feedback on the podcast and I’m wondering am I doing a fairly good job or not. Let me know by commenting or liking this post.

As always, thank you so much for your support.

Who Know’s there might be a web comic to these stories. lol. I’m fired up!

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R.Canary News: What have I been up to?

Hi guys,

What have I been up to lately? Well, I was working on my new blog called:

The World of Melo-Divine

This blog has all of my positive content. Mostly about lifestyle and things like that. I even got nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award for this blog. I am very proud of it. I have 13 published blogs and I blog on it everyday. Because my attention has been on Melo-Divine doesn’t mean that I have forgotten about this blog. I am still working on Part 8 of White Waters and Red Wind. I just realized that I have 40 blog posts on this one and it makes me very happy. I am proud of both blogs really. So together, including this blog I have written 54 blog posts. That’s a lot! I am very excited about this! Stay posted on Rose Canary Short Stories. It’s going to be awesome!

Thank you guys so much for your support!

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Quick Blog Post: Burning Sequels? E-books? Fan Fics? Web comics?!

Hi Everyone,

Just want to say that even though I haven’t published Rules Don’t Apply yet, I am burning with a sequel. It’s just all over me. I should write it… but…

I need to get the first one out there first! I also have some ideas of E-Books. They are kinda the short kind of e-books. I will most likely sell those for a small fee because they are not as long as my official line up. These would be equivalent to a one shot if I was making those. Then there is this Naruto Fanfic that I was thinking about writing. I told the story to myself more than one. Also, just like the Soda Poppin story that I have made. (Featured on the Rose Canary Show here on this website.) A food equivalent to the story and an original called;

What Order are You from?

I was thinking about making that into a web comic. All of this is if I have time. Right now I am in the processes of looking for a full time job and won’t as much time with these as I can. The E-books can be stories that I have lying around in the closet. I was going to revamp them but since they are already finished and stuff, I’ll just edit them and send them out. Some e-books well be new though. So yeah.

Announcements, Real Talks!

R.Canary News: I AM SINKING! Also, New Artist Name and New Blog!

Hi guys,

As you can tell by the title, I am not doing well. My family is in financial trouble and this is causing me to be on hiatus. My facebook is losing people because I am never on it. However, this will not be the last of me. (I’m also not here to talk about facebook. This is WordPress.) I highly doubt any of you guys care about facebook anyways. It’s a hot mess. Anyways, my family is in some serious trouble and I got to help them out in short. So I want to be able to help. That means White Waters and Red Wind is going to be dragged out even longer than it would be if everything was fine.

Just because there is a temporary shutdown on this blog there will be another blog that I am going to have available and will be on during the duration of my writer’s block and financial trouble. (Yes, I also have writer’s block on my White Waters and Red Wind story. That is another reason why it’s dragged out.)

The blog will feature a new artist name. (Remember the God’s Vine music artist name. I changed it because it wasn’t sticking for the longest time.) I decided to call this blog the World of Melodi Vine. I know you guys are like who dafuq is Melodi Vine. Well let me explain:

Melodi Vine is a bundle of all of my views, beliefs and also music! This is what Melodi Vine is all about. It will probably replace the other blog that I have on here. So… yeah… Cool right!

Rose, Why can’t you do all of your views on this blog?

Well, because this blog is dedicated to my artist and writing material. I can’t put anything else on here because it means a lot to showcase my talent here on the Rose Canary Short Story blog here. So I decided to create a new embodiment that will hold my views, beliefs, personal development and other things. So I hope this help. This website is to document and showcase my journey as a writer and artist. Melodi Vine is a documentation of music and views that I hold dearly. Hope to see you there.

Rose Canary!Β πŸ’™

P.S. For those who are wondering about the Rules Don’t Apply book, I am still working on the proofreading. I’m pretty slow on stuff like this. Thank you for being so patient. Love you guys! Peace! 😊

Short Stories

White Waters and Red Wind (Part.7)

The group of warriors and Atohi made it out alive. They make it to a cave and watched their village burn down. “Who are these strange men and why are they attacking us?” One warrior said. “I don’t know.” another warrior said, “for now, let us get the ax out of Atohi’s back. They worked on it for three hours. Inching the ax out little by little. Atohi sleeps once the pain was manageable. Only thinking about Woya and her grandmother.

In a not so distant land…

Woya healed the remaining villagers who survived the attack. she goes to her Grandmother. “Hey.” she said. “Hey.” her Grandmother replied. “Atohi is not back yet.” she said. “He’s probably fighting.” “Can you access your visions, Grandmother.” “No.” “Why not?” “I can’t say.” her Grandmother said. It was silent. The whole entire village was on alert. “Someone is here.” Woya’s grandmother said. Suddenly, they hear gunshots. A bullet pierce through Woya’s Grandmother’s heart. She falls on the ground. Everyone ran and started screaming. Woya goes to her grandmother. “Grandmother! Grandmother!” she said, yelling to her. “Go.” her grandmother said, “…Go… find Atohi… complete… your… destiny…” Her grandmother said.

She gives Woya her necklace and takes her last breath. She dies on the scene. Young village men grab Woya as she screamed in mourning.Β  The villagers fled to the mountains. Woya stares blindly at the water. Dawn falls upon them. The villagers didn’t get much sleep. They continue their travels to the mountains to meet the other tribes. The tribes greet them. Woya goes to the head chief to talk to his shaman daughter.



Introduction To Rose Canary Short Stories

Introduction: White Waters and Red Wind (Part. 7)

In this introduction, we left off with Woya being left in the dark and strange men attacking the village. So now we are going to pick up where that left off. I want to say that in this venture, I’m just going to let the story speak for itself and not say too much about it. It will be published tomorrow at 10:00 AM so please stay tuned to see it. I think we have roughly 3 or 4 more parts to go.

Thanks for staying this long on our journey through Woya’s and Atohi’s journey as hero and heroine. Thanks again for supporting me. I hope you enjoy.

Rose Canary!Β πŸ’™

Real Talks!

Am I Being Too Lazy?

Hi guys,

Here are some questions that have been bothering me…

Am I being too lazy? Am I using my mental illness as a crutch? Am I being too ambitious when it comes down to business?

These three questions have been bothering me for the longest time. Usually when it bothers me like that, I feel like there is something that my spirit is telling me that I should do. However, I ignore them and then I just make things overly complicated.

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Yeah, I do think that I am being a tad bit lazy. Only because I want to start a business. I find myself loving the idea of starting a business and being a business owner that I forget my craft. I want to do a side hustle but the thing about that is I don’t know if I should be making that a business. I have worried my brother about it for a month now. To the point where he is like:

Look, are you going to start it or not?

So I kinda stop bothering him because he’s trying to get himself off the ground as well. So yeah.

Okay off topic… This is really about Laziness…

I looked at my instagram account. (You can see a sample of my work there you can also follow me @rosecanaryart. Its an art page of all of my work. Even my first manga submission. I was so happy toΒ  have that art posted. I like to draw but I don’t know if I should draw all of my books. Even if its formatted in a manga style. I even considered making it a light novel but 20,000 words of the book. I am half way there. It reduces my book to two full volume and a half. That is not enough story base to even consider that route. That’s why I said I should make it a novel. (Pretty Lazy right.)

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So I am going to expose myself right now.

I want the benefits of being a mangaka but I don’t want the responsibility or work that comes with being a mangaka.

There I said it. Lets move on to the next question:

Am I using my Mental Illness as a crutch?

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I mean yes and no. My mental health can get crazy bad if it is not managed. Voices yapping like annoying toy dogs every single day, with no rest. The voices never shut off. I even hear them in my sleep. Its just lots of problems. That’s the no part. The “YES” part of the answer stems from the first answer of my question where I have exposed myself:

I’m Lazy!

It’s like I’m kinda using my mental illness as some sort of crutch. Some sort of excuse. I mean there is a famous actor back in the day that had schizophrenia and despite it all he was still successful. SO why can I have that? Why am I sitting on my ass and doing nothing. Mostly because its comfortable. I got comfortable and I never want to leave my comfort spot… so I thought. I am currently putting things in place to leave that comfort zone.

Am I too ambitious when it comes down to businesses?

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Yep! I want to turn ever idea I ever had into a business. From publishing, to shoe fashion, to even pet spas. You name it, I already had a business idea for it. That’s being to diverse. I need to stick with one thing at a time. Obviously, some things don’t need to be a business for me. This is the workaholic thinking that I plague myself with. All I need to do is take that workaholic thinking and put towards action for my publishing company business.

Okay guys I rattled enough. I am going to get started on cooking. See you guys next time.

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Just A Little Announcement

Hey Guys:

Just a little announcement! You can now access the Rose Canary Show here on the Short Story Website!

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It is located at the bottom of each blog post created or at the bottom of the website! Either way, you are accessing it. I finally got it up. Thanks to the widgets on here, also my little brother for helping me post it on here. Current story that’s on the show is Soda Poppin and I hope you like it. Let me know what you guys think about it! On the other hand thanks for your support and I will try and have White Waters and Red Wind up for consumption this week. We are on part 7 now of the anthology and I am so happy. lol

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